Why You Feel Too Tired When Waking Up.

It is true that many people struggle waking up in the morning for their daily routine. On more than one occasion you have woken up very tired or unable to wake up. Many people call it Monday blues. The reason for this is that it often happens on Mondays and it results after a weekend rest and long period of sleep. But is sleep the only cause of tiredness and the lethargic and lazy feeling people usually have on waking up. Can other factors other than sleep play a role? Today our focus is the factors causing inadequate sleep and how to solve the problems.

Inadequate sleep

Indeed inadequate sleep is a major contributor to tiredness in the morning.  When the brain does not complete the full cycle of a normal sleep, the body responds by weakening itself to gain stability as well as cover up for the missed rest. There are several causes of insomnia (inadequate sleep). The causes range from depression, stress, diseased state of the body and use of some drugs that make the brain active even when it is supposed to relax. All these factors in one way or the other contribute to one being too tired on waking up. The only good thing about the majority of these factors is that they are modifiable and manageable. The most important factor here is changing daily unhealthy habits such as excessive watching and use of phones.

Managing insomnia

The best method and means of insomnia management is through an organized sleeping pattern. Sleeping on a regular time daily is quite important. The brain adapts to the set time and one basically sleep until the next waking up time. This sleep time should be with the normal range of six to eight hour. Not sleeping during the day is also a very important factor in the management of morning lethargy. It allows for the accumulation of sleep so that when you go to bed you easily get asleep. Having a non-interrupted sleep at night is also another important factor here. Once you are on bed avoid anything that can disrupt you during the sleep. One of the most and widely used method in managing a continuous sleep is through putting off the music, the televisions and your phone in case someone calls you.

Other factors that affect sleep

Several environmental factors such as the extremes of temperatures, air pollution, and light have been known to cause lethargy and extreme tiredness on waking up. Regulating environmental pollution is essential if one has to achieve quality sleep. Studies have shown that over 70% of tiredness on waking up is related to drugs and drug abuse intake. Alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, and miraa are some drugs known to cause insomnia. These factors are broadly called psych physiological issues since they affect how both the mind and the normal physiological function of the body.

Generally speaking, waking up tired is something we can solve because it is us with the solutions. It is us to start a better and more accepted way of living. Checking what we take especially at night is quite important in the management of tiredness in the morning. Modifications of diet involve eating less food at night and reducing the starch intake at night. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine several hours before bedtime has far-reaching effects on the management of lethargy in the morning.