Top 6 Benefits Of Detox

Detox comes in many form and shape.   Fasting is the common practice of helping to detox. During fasting one abstains from eating any solid food but with exception of water and fresh juices. This act assists the body by ensuring that the organs rest, for example the digestive system .The blood sugar level is lowered reducing production of insulin thus resting the pancreas. The water taken during fasting similarly helps to flush the toxin out.

Another mode of detox is use of diet juices; these are developed from the raw vegetables and fruits which apart from detoxifying the system provides other necessary micro-nutrients to the system. In addition there is use of herbal supplements which are classified in accordance to the function, majority are for colon cleansing, others helps to boost the liver and the kidneys to function properly.

Lastly there is the use of detox machine whose function is to alkalize the body reducing acidity. Acidity is known to be a thriving environment for diseases thus an alkaline body reduces the risk of diseases.

All the above benefit the body by:

  1. Removing excess waste.  Colon cleansing helps to remove the accumulated waste. If the waste is stored for long in the colon there is a risk of re absorption back to the system increasing the toxins load.  Detox also helps the liver and the kidneys thus removing the excess waste.
  2. Increasing energy levels. High toxins levels lead to decrease in energy level. This is noted by recurring fatigue.
  3. Boosting the immune system.
  4. Brightening skin and strong hair.  Accumulated toxins lead to a dry and dull skin. The act of detox helps to brighten the skin.
  5. Mental focus. Removal of toxins helps to increase concentration and creativity.
  6. Weight loss.