Foods Which Reduce Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Types of cholesterols

The current statistics from the center for disease and control and prevention shows that over ten million people in the United States of America suffer from excess cholesterol in the body. The body requires only a small amount of cholesterol for the normal body functioning over which it becomes toxic to the body. Two types of cholesterol exist the low-density lipoprotein and the high-density lipoprotein. The low-density lipoprotein (also called bad cholesterol) is very harmful to the body when consumed. It is majorly found in trans-fats commonly found on fast foods and fries. It is also found in animal meat and products from animals such as eggs. Processed meals also contain some levels of cholesterol.

High-density lipoprotein (also commonly known as the good cholesterol is essential in the formation of body cells and synthesis of vitamin D in the body. HDL is also important in the formation of some hormones besides being useful in the digestion process. It is therefore important to take food rich in high-density lipoprotein and low in low-density lipoprotein for proper health. Here are some of the foods that are likely to improve your health by reducing bad cholesterol while increasing the good cholesterol.

1. Oily fish

Taking oily fish has been known to improve the level of good cholesterol. Scientists have revealed that taking oily fish three times a day improves the heart working conditions by reducing arrhythmia. Oily fish has omega three which is an important content for the body and especially the heart. These important properties of omega three help in protecting the heart against diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis. Some of the fish rich in omega three include tuna, salmon, sardines, and anchovy.

2. Egg plant

Another good food which is rarely consumed by a majority of the populations is eggplant. Eggplant offers a good alternative in helping in reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the body. I know it can be a boring meal for some people but one can take it with delicious meals such as spaghetti sauce. A modification of lifestyle is the best choice. Adopting meals low in cholesterol is one of the good lifestyle modification ways. Vegetables and specifically eggplant offer you the best offer and sure way of reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.


3. Soya beans

Soya beans are also very effective in reducing bad cholesterol also known as the low-density lipoprotein. It can be effective when used alone but its potency increases when combined with other vegetable products. Some people also prefer taking tofu and soya milk which is still effective in reducing the low-density lipoprotein with as much six percent. With a continuous awareness of lifestyle diseases, many people are increasingly adopting the vegan diet. With the increased need to modify life, there are a lot of supplies in the store nowadays. This makes the supply of soya beans in the market high and therefore increasingly available.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been shown to have a lot of fibers which helps in nutrition. It has also been shown that oatmeal is efficient in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body. Taking oatmeal in combination with other healthy foods like fruits has been shown to improve the level of good cholesterol in the body while reducing the level of bad cholesterol tremendously. Nuts are also effective in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.

Increasing the intake of diet rich in fruits such as avocado and taking whole grains has been shown to improve the level of good cholesterol. Taking meals rich in vegetables while reducing animal and animal products is also important in reducing the level of bad cholesterol.