Did You Know You Can Grow Taller? Here Are Foods To Help You

Foods to eat to grow taller

The height of an individual is crucial in determining a lot of aspects of human life. Individuals have tried a lot of social aspects to human height. In fact, the ‘modern society’ is particularly affected. Most ladies nowadays talk of tall, dark and handsome men as their preferred choice of potential husbands. When asked why the height factor is important, they say they need a man whom they can look up to. The importance most societies attach to tall guys is remarkable. But how do we improve our height. Are there foods which can boost the level of our growth hormones? Today we will divulge more on the foods one can take to boost their heights.

Which hormones control growth?

Growth is controlled majorly by hormones. The hormone responsible for growth is known as the growth hormone (GH). This hormone is produced in the body by cells called somatotrophs. Growth hormone works by stimulating insulin-like growth factors in the body which has several effects on the muscles and the bones culminating into growth. The hormones have direct control of cartilages and the chondrocytes thus help in direct growth. There are foods which can help in the production of growth hormones hence increasing growth.

Melatonin rich foods

Melatonin rich foods such as broccoli, cucumber, rice, tomatoes, and grapes among others are quite crucial in stimulating growth hormones. Studies have shown that increasing body melatonin increase the stimulation of the growth hormones from the pituitary glands. Scientist postulates that this is done through the inhibitory role of melatonin on endogenous somatostatins. Somatostatin is the hormone responsible for inhibiting body growth. It is important to mention here that increasing food rich in vegetables alone can help in stimulating the body’s growth hormones. Nuts are also crucial in helping in the growth and development of an individual.

Protein-rich foods.

Protein also plays a fundamental role in human growth and development. The amino acids from the proteins act as the building blocks for different body cells. Cells, tissues, and organs all develop from proteins. Some earmarked amino acids particularly important in stimulating growth factors are L orthinine and arginine. Consuming animal and animal products has been shown to produce the body amino acids. It is good to take precaution on protein consumption. Excess consumption of red proteins is harmful to your health. It is therefore recommended by experts that consuming plant proteins is preferable because of their health benefits.

Vitamins and Growth

Another important factor in the synthesis of growth factors is vitamin D. Vitamin D is majorly found from the sun but it can also be obtained from plants. Vitamin D helps in strengthening of the bones beside being important in the formation of bone density. Increasing intake of vitamin enhances strong bones which have the ability to withstand body weight. Vitamin C is particularly important in the synthesis of collagen in the body. Collagen forms the fibrous part of bones and cartilage.

Minerals and growth

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are particularly important in the building of the bones hence promoting growth. Foods rich in minerals include milk, avocado, yogurts, beans and vegetables which also provide the body with enough body ions for growth. Minerals are also crucial in enhancing communication in the brain (neurotransmitters).

Basically, taking balanced and healthy food will help the body in developing. Increasing vegetable and fruit intake is a sure way of improving your growth and development. Taking the recommended amount of animal and animal products and adhering to the food regimen is also important. Let’s not be driven by our taste. Let us improve our lifestyle.