4 Reasons You Need to Detox

When you wade through extensive information on detox, you get overwhelmed by different opinions that various professionals, bloggers among others offer. Most of the authors portray detox as a waste of time since the body has a natural mechanism of dealing with toxins. But if you sit and ponder you realize just like any other machine, it reaches a point when the efficiency of the system gets low. It is at such a moment that you understand the need to detox.  Among the signs that would indicate a need for detox is:

1. Increased fatigue and low energy:

The feeling can be easily assessed in the morning when one wakes up.  If you happen to have constant fatigue every morning when you rise coupled with lethargy throughout the day, the body may be in need of a detox. The symptoms like bloating, brain fog, allergies and headaches occurring frequently leads to fatigue and low energy. Most people would rush in to gulp energy drink which raises the blood sugar levels to fast and puts the system in an energy crash as the sugar levels fall equally fast. The effect is increased fatigue and burden to the liver.

2. Constipation

Frequent constipation indicates a major problem with the digestive system. Lack of focus: a colon cleanse together with a combination of a diet full of vegetables and fruits will go a long way to clear constipation.  Colon cleanse helps to clear waste accumulated in the bowels and colon, and it will improve the digestive health.

3. Inability to lose weight

Struggling with weight is an issue that gives many people a headache, but the problem could be that you are trying to bring in new measures to a system that is overwhelmed. The accumulated toxins hinder the smooth transits to a new lifestyle leading to frustration. It is ideal to detox before you embark on a journey of weight loss.

  1. Other signs include losing focus and concentration, failure to drop cravings for sugar and junks, insomnia among others.

Day to day life heaps up the toxins in our system especially when we find ourselves unable to sleep sufficiently, eating junk food, not exercising, not taking enough water and overworking ourselves. The lifestyle wheel comes to a stop as we indulge into the comfort zones and we embark into degrading our body systems with toxins. It is ideal to take a detox to get a fresh start and to begin a journey of making our body efficient again.